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Our in Home Session with the Pups

It’s Finished! If you have been along with our fixer upper journey you’ll know it has been in the works for 2 years! Thank you for riding along on this wild ride as we restored, removed, & shared your vision on the Instagram story.

We purchased our dream home nestled in the small cozy town of Franklin, Ky during our engagement. I will remember the moment we decided to jump for it. We walked through the home with walls crumbling, damaged wood floors but with a vision to make it pretty again. After viewing several potential homes, we both looked at each other on the front porch & said “this is it!”

While the journey has been long, strenuous on our relationship, & in the midst of planning our wedding it sometimes seemed we took on to much. But as we hung curtains, our wedding portraits in the dining room & brought some furniture in, well it began to feel like home. Looking back I would do it again. This is who we are. We are home.

Photography by Lindsey Jones Photography

Kirstie Whitaker